About Us

Hey there! We're Juan Carlos (JC for short) and Carla. Our story began among architectural sketches and design models, a setting that not only saw the birth of our personal bond but also seeded the vision for CC Creative Design. From those early days in architecture school, we've traveled unique paths—JC diving into business before finding his knack for UI, and Carla channeling urban design into crafting meticulous UX experiences.

At the heart of CC Creative Design is six years of hands-on, dedicated experience. Five years of refining our craft, understanding client needs, and delivering designs that make an impact. Our work isn't just about aesthetics; it's about combining form with function, weaving business objectives with user needs, and always, always keeping quality at the forefront.

Here's a bit about what we offer:

  • UI Design (JC's specialty: where business meets style)
  • UX Design (Carla's realm: city-inspired, user-focused designs)
  • Web Design (websites that don’t just look good but feel good)
  • Branding (making sure you’re not just seen, but remembered)
  • Web Development via Webflow (bringing those designs to life)

What makes us stand out? We're not an oversized, detached agency, where clients are just another number. But, we're also not a solo freelancer biting off more than they can chew. We're that sweet spot in between. Our team is growing, but deliberately and judiciously, ensuring that our personalized touch remains intact and the quality of our work never wavers.

If you value experience, personalized attention, and designs that resonate, you're in the right place. Let’s create something memorable together!