Digital Design Developments & Trends

Late 1990s - Present

SVG Graphics

Late 2000s - Mid 2010s

Skeuomorphism: A Design Evolution

Early 2010s - Present

Color Psychology in UI/UX

Responsive and Adaptive Design

Responsive Typography

Accessibility & Inclusive Design

Minimalist Design in Digital Interfaces

Mid 2010s - Present

Material Design by Google


Flat Design

Voice-User Interfaces

Hero Images in Web Design

Brutalism in Digital Design

CSS Grid Layout

Late 2010s - Present

Dark Mode

3D Graphics and AR Integration

AI-powered Personalization

Cyberpunk and Neon Noir Aesthetics

Design Systems and Component Libraries

Motion UI

Gradient 2.0

2020s - Present

Maximalism in Web Design

Biophilic Design



Extended Reality (ER)

Interactive Animation